We source quality ingredients with integrity and provenance. Quality Craftsmanship by a husband & wife team committed to producing a range of products without compromise. Initially developed for our own children, our soaps reflect our own values of persuing a chemical free life.

Our cold process soap bars are made in small batches of 45 bars taking a total of eight weeks to make. We have a small range of 9 soap varieties all coloured with infusions, clay and botanicals.

Only pure essential oils are used to fragrance our soap bars.

We are very fortunate to source some of our olive oil directly from a family farm, and supplement with Cobram Estate (an Australian Olive Company) Olive, together with Virgin Coconut Oil and fair trade unrefined Shea Butter create a balanced bar both cleansing and moisturising.

Castile Hand And Body Wash 500Ml – Bay Leaf And Cinnamon

Lemon Myrtle – Castile Hand Wash 500 Ml

Soap & Lotion Combo 250 Ml Bay Leaf And Cinnamon

Soap & Lotion Combo, Lemon Myrtle 250Ml

Soap And Lotion Combo 500 Ml – Geranium And Orange

Soap And Lotion Combo 500Ml – Lemon Myrtle

Botanical Bar Soap – Anise And Patchouli

Botanical Bar Soap – Bay Leaf & Orange

Botanical Bar Soap – Eucalyptus Wild Mint

Botanical Bar Soap – Lavender & Sicilian Bergamot

Botanical Bar Soap – Lemon Tea Tree

Botanical Bar Soap – Rose Clay

Botanical Bar Soap - Cinnamon And Orange

Botanical Bar Soap - Pumpkin And Tomato Facial Soap

Anise and Patchouli

Botanical Bar Soap – Black Clay Facial Soap

Geranium and Orange Hand and Body Wash