• Scented Space Reed Diffuser 100Ml Spiced Orange

Introducing the new scent, Spiced Orange!

Scented Space is the epitome of home décor, exuding elegance, style and creating a beautiful ambiance, in the form of stunning reed diffusers. Having a distinct scent for your home not only emanates sophistication, but for family members creates a welcoming familiarity, every time one enters the room. 

Distinguishing Scented Space, is our fragrances. We work with world renowned international perfumers, who create our perfumes to our particularity. We then delicately blend the perfume into our formulation; composed of 90% fragrance oil and 10% ethanol, derived naturally from the cassava plant. Just like the perfume you spray on your wrist in the morning, your home is not complete unless it has its own scent – by Scented Space.


Box: 10.5cm x 5.5cm x 26.5cm

Bottle: 8cm x 3.5cm x 11.5cm 

Our diffusers are made using a superior quality formulation of 90% fragrance oil, blended using the highest possible percentage of natural essential oils combined with carefully manufactured fragrance to create our signature, complex fragrances.

A no animal testing policy is applied to all our products.

Shipping Costs $10 NSW, $15 Other Australian states.

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