• Sechuan Peppercorns

Sichuan Pepper (also known as Szechuan pepper or Chinese pepper) is a common ingredient in Chinese, Nepali and Tibetan cuisine. Most people associate Sichuan pepper with a tingling sensation after eating. The pepper itself is not pungent or hot like other peppers such as the black peppercorn and white peppercorn, instead it has slight lemony characteristics.

In Sichuan cuisine it is often paired with ginger and anise and is generally added towards the end of the dish. The tingling sensation is due to the spice having hydroxy alpha sanshool, a compound found in the pepper.

A use for sichuan as a seasoning is Hua jiao yan which is made by mixing and toasting salt & sichuan peppers in a wok which is then served as a condiment for various cooked meat dishes.

Price is $15.00 each and it comes with Tall Grinder or it might come in Shaker depending on your order.

Shipping Costs $10 NSW, $15 Other Australian states.

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