• Lamb Rub Seasoning

This all-natural salt – Lamb Seasoning & Rub – is an impressive rock salt made especially for Lamb. This lamb seasoner includes rosemary & mint as you would expect, both ideally suited to Lamb. We have taken this further. In this salt you can expect smoked Himalayan rock salt, double smoked black peppercorns, garlic, chilli, rosemary & mint.

Your Lamb never tasted so good, not to mention the aromas of rosemary & mint along with our smoked rock salt & spice blend on your Lamb.

Keep this in your pantry or BBQ station for future use, as and when you need it. You guests will just love this salt!


Smoked Himalayan rock salt, double smoked peppercorns, garlic, chilli, rosemary, mint.

Price is $15.00 each and it comes with Tall Grinder or it might come in Shaker depending on your order.

Shipping Costs $10 NSW, $15 Other Australian states.

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