• Banksia Scent Pods 2

Made from hand-turned Banksia Seed Pods.  Fill your scent pots with three to four drops of 100% Australian Eucalyptus Oil (or any other of your favourite oils).  The Banksia will soak up the oil and fragrance your room for weeks.  A great freshener for your bathroom, bedroom or wardrobe.  We hope you enjoy our unique Australian gifts.

Banksia Grandis – These products have been handcrafted from cones of Banksia Grandis found in Southern Western Australia.  Banksia grows in open forests of Jarrah, its flower providing food for the Honey Possum.

The cones used for this craftwork have already shed their seeds, and collecting these cones has little impact on the reproductive cycle of this plant species.

All of these products can be taken overseas without consequence!

We also have Banksia Candle Holders availabile in our home collections.

Shipping Costs $10 NSW, $15 Other Australian states.

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