Olive oil has been used for generations throughout the Mediterranean not only for its healing qualities but also the benefits of olive oil on the skin, body and hair. The ancient Roman and Egyptians used olive oil infused with fragrant herbs and flowers to moisturise and perfume their skin. An ancient Ayurvedic technique used a mixture of olive oil and water to maintain hydration and beautiful skin. Italian women have lovingly massaged their newborn babies with olive oil to protect their skin and prevent dryness and rashes.

The chemical makeup of olive oil is similar to the natural oils produced by human skin, giving Olive oil a unique synergy with human skin. Olive oil is pure and safe for sensitive skin, and by using high quality oils such as cold pressed extra virgin olive oil to soften and soothe the skin and incorporating good quality natural ingredients that enable the skin to balance the loss of moisture, enriching your body with antioxidants and natural vitamins and adding vitality to the skin. Olive oil has exceptional ability to be able to lock moisture into the skin, thus encouraging firmer and healthier skin.

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