The Perfume Rebel's luxury bath and body oils come complete with an enviable WOW! factor…. Not only do they have an amazing and unrivalled silky skin feel that leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and perfectly moisturised, but you will be deliciously and delicately scented from head to toe! Their bath and body oils are all natural and hand poured using a selection of the highest quality essential and carrier oils from around the world. They offer you the opportunity to feel and smell great without the use of any toxic nasties. There is no more pleasurable way to care for your skin and boost facets of your wellbeing.

Bounce Back Sensationally Energising Bath and Body

Heartspace Luxuriously Sensual Bath and Body Oil

Spiritualise Magically Uplifting Bath and Body Oil

Ultra Lounge Dreamily Relaxing Bath and Body Oil