You have come to the world of Tesori D'Oriente, beautiful fine Italian body product that leave your skin feel like silk.  Tesori D'Oriente are world class products produced to the world's finest pharmaceutical standards. Tesori D'Oriente means ‘Treasure of the East' and these bed, bath and body products have taken Italy by storm, not to mention that everyone in Australia also loves the Tesori range.

 A range of products containing traditional Oriental ingredients, used for centuries in body care. Today, these ingredients have been rediscovered and enhanced, bringing to life the magic and harmony of distant lands.

Tesori consists of Aromatic body sprays, Bath Foams, Shower Creams, Body Creams, Fluid Creams in male and female fragrances as well as unisex fragrances.

Chinese Orchid Body Products

Dragon Flower Body Products

Frangipani Body Products

Poppy of Tibet Body Prodcuts