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Myrrh Soap

Tesori dOriente Myrrh Soap
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    Tesori d'Oriente Mirra / Myrrh Soap 100g Bar This Soap produced according to ancient recipes and artisan methods cleanses gently, leaving skin soft and well moisturized. Myrrh evokes sensations and atmospheres of an­cient times and far-away lands enveloping the body in a perfumed exotic caress. Beautiful presentation. Size: 100g / 3.5 oz bar. The Tesori d'Oriente range is made in Italy by Conter SpA Lodi, Italy. It is the resin of a rare plant from the Middle East and East Africa. Since antiquity, myrrh has been considered a gift worthy of kings. Its symbolic value and mysterious essence relive today in the Myrrh line.

    Shipping Costs$10 NSW, $15 Other Australian States.
    International - Email for a quote
    Price: 60 x 30 x 95 mm - $6.00
    Quality Candles.