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Votive Candles

Australian Made Palm Wax Supplies

Eyes of Adonia palm wax candles provide you with a premium burn quality and the lovely fragrance. Like our other palm wax candle range the votive candles are Australian made from natural palm wax.

Votive Candles 

Sometimes referred to as a prayer candle this style of candle is a small mold made from pure white natural palm wax.

Seventeen fragrances available to buy online and ready to ship.

Aphrodite Votive Candles

Aphrodite Fragrance

A sparkling black aphrodite votive candle provides the perfect backdrop for those initmate or relaxed moments.
Arabian Musk Votive Candles

Arabian Musk Fragrance

Arabian Musk palm wax votive candles can be used in any situation. Full of fragrance and scent.
Bird of Paradise Votive Candles

Bird of Paradise Fragrance

Bird of Paradise is a lovely orange coloured votive palm wax candle with exceptional aromas.
Classic Sandalwood Votive Candles

Classic Sandalwood Fragrance

Classic Sandalwood palm wax votive candles can be used in any situation. Perfect classic Indian sandalwood scent.
Coconut Lime Votive Candles

Coconut Lime Fragrance

Palm Wax Coconut & Lime (Green) Votive Candles
French Affair Votive Candles

French Affair Fragrance

Rustic white french affair votive candles provides a traditional yet sophisticated scent and looks amazing in almost any location.
Green Velvet Votive Candles

Green Velvet Fragrance

Palm Wax Green Velvet Votive Candles
Love Potion Votive Candles

Love Potion Fragrance

Our love potion fragrance votive candles are made from pure palm wax and coloured in a dark define aubergine color. The perfect mystical scent for relaxing.
Mango & Papaya (Peach)

Mango Papaya Fragrance

Palm Wax Mango & Papaya (Peach) Votive Candles
Moroccan Spice Votive Candles

Moroccan Spice Fragrance

Palm Wax Moroccan Spice (Brown) Votive Candles
Pineapple & Coconut

Pineapple Coconut Fragrance

Pineapple & Coconut (White) Votive Candles
Strawberry (Red)

Strawberry Fragrance

Palm Wax Strawberry (Red) Votive Candles
Sweet Cinnamon Votive Candles

Sweet Cinnamon Fragrance

Palm Wax Sweet Cinnamon Votive Candles
Tahitian Vanilla Votive Candles

Tahitian Vanilla Fragrance

Palm Wax Tahitian Vanilla Votive Candles
Vanilla & Hazelnut

Vanilla Hazelnut Fragrance

Palm Wax Vanilla & Hazelnut (Off White) Votive Candles
Quality Candles.