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Truffle Hill

big luxury

Truffle Hill Little Luxuries 4 Jars

Choose 4 jars from Truffle Hill's gourmet product range!
Prices from - $75.00
little luxuries

Truffle Hill Little Luxuries Oil and 2 Jars

Includes a 100ml Truffle infused Olive Oil and any 2 jars of your choice
Prices from - $55.00
Truffle Hill Mushroom & Truffle Tapenade 100g

Truffle Hill Mushroom & Truffle Tapenade 100g

A wonderful combination of sliced Black Perigord Truffles, Porcini mushrooms, olives and capers.
Truffle Hill Pink Truffle Salt

Truffle Hill Pink Truffle Salt

Add the flavour of truffle to steak, eggs and potatoes or use on fresh popcorn.

Truffle Hill Truffle Aioli 95g

This classic Provincial style aioli made with traditional ingredients is elevated further with the infusion of robust, earthy black truffles. Creamy, earthy, tangy!
Truffle Hill Truffle Honey 135g

Truffle Hill Truffle Honey 135g

Mild honey infused with the flavour and fragrance of truffles.

Truffle Hill Truffle Mustard 100g

The flavours of traditional Dijon mustard unite with black truffle to create a one of a kind taste. Try truffle mustard with your next sandwich, salad or BBQ gourmet sausage and see what we mean. Outstanding!
Truffle Hill Truffle Oil

Truffle Hill Truffle Oil

Garnish your dishes with truffle oil - a touch can turn the ordinary into something exceptional!
Prices from - $15.00

Truffle Hill Truffle Sea Salt Flakes 60g

Truffle salt is the ultimate way to enjoy truffles. This blend of ground black truffle and sea salt is irresistible in the kitchen.
Quality Candles.