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Tesori dOriente Brand

Chinese Orchid

Chinese Orchid

Chinese orchid - oriental flowers are enchanting in their colour, shapes and perfume.
Prices from - $23.00
Dragon Flower

Dragon Flower

Dragon Flower is a beautiful plant that grows in China and south-east Asia.
Prices from - $16.00
Frangipani Shower Cream


Chinese orchid - The frangipani of the Indies is a flower of rare beauty, which has always been considered an expression of purity and harmony.
Prices from - $23.00
Tesori d'Oriente Frangipani Soap

Frangipani Soap

Frangipani flower is a symbol of purity and harmony, love and romance.
Tesori d'Oriente Myrrh Soap

Myrrh Soap

Myrrh Soap is made from the resin of a rare plant in the Middle East.
Tesori d'Oriente Orchid Soap

Orchid Soap

Tesori d'Oriente soap is produced according to ancient recipes and artisan methods cleanses gently, leaving skin soft and well moisturized.
Poppy of Tibet Shower Cream

Poppy of Tibet

Chinese orchid - The petals of the Tibet Poppy, with their deep red colour, transmit positivity and energy.
Prices from - $23.00
Tesori d'Oriente Poppy Soap

Poppy of Tibet Soap

Deep red color of Tibetan poppy transmits positive energy and confidence.
Tesori Africa

Tesori Africa

Tesori D Oriente Africa Bath Cream, Shower and Body Cream
Prices from - $23.00
Tesori Hammam Creams

Tesori Hammam

Hammam contains Argan Oil from Morocco from the rarest specie of Olive Tree in the world.
Prices from - $23.00
Tesori Myrrh Creams

Tesori Myrrh

Myrrh has been considered a gift worthy of kings.
Prices from - $23.00
Tesori White Musk Creams

Tesori White Musk

White musk is the perfume of the Garden of Eden
Prices from - $23.00
Tesori d'Oriente White Musk Soap

White Musk Soap

White musk is the perfume of the Garden of Eden, this soap is enchanting and conquering.
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